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Waterjet Cutting Specialists, serving all states, over 2 decades of Cutting Services experience, and full service CNC milling capabilities.

Customers of 35+ years continue to use our services, because they are pleased with the quality, delivery, and price.

Celebrating 26 years of doing WaterJet Cutting this year. During those past years an immense amount of EXPERIENCE was gained in this high technology cutting process. Experience you can count on for your tough cutting requirements.

Capabilities include cutting of all types of material, from paper-thin soft foams and brass shim stock all the way up to hardened tool steel and stainless steel that is 3" thick.

Other types of materials that cut easily with the power of Water Jet Cutting are laminates, composites, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, wood, felt, urethane, glass, marble, granite, dis-similar materials bonded together, and a host of others.

We would love to have the challange of cutting your tough material or tricky shape. Check out more of this unique cutting process by clicking on the Water Jet Cutting tab.

Please call 1-800-833-7101 to have your specific questions answered.

We Invite You To Join Our Family Of Satisfied Customers.

"Wet and Wild Waterjet Cutting!"

Hans Heidenreich, (Consulting Engineer) of Heidenreich Associates located in Greenwich, Connecticut says,

"I really appreciate the extraordinary effort of your company to get this (not so simple) job out the door quickly."

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